Rentals & Bookings

To inquire about booking a show email: triadnyc@yahoo.com

When inquiring about booking a show it would be helpful to include the
following information:

Name of Show:
Genre of Music or Performance:
Brief Show Description:
Time / Length of Show:
Other NYC Venues (if any) you have performed at:
Dates interested in booking:
Number of Performers in Show:
Musical Instruments used in show:
Brief Performer Bio:
You Tube or Audio Files:
City where you reside:
Approximate Following or Audience size that typically comes out to see you

General Booking Information
We typically book shows 4 weeks to 6 months in advance. The Venue is very adaptable and we book a wide genre of Live Music, Theater, Plays, Film Screening, Parties, Corporate Events as well as Film, TV and Magazine Shoots. Included with all rentals and bookings is free usage of our Sound and Lighting Equipment and Backline as well as our Yamaha Baby Grand Piano.

Booking the Venue - there are two potential ways to book the Theater:

Two Drink Minimum Booking Option:
The venue is available to utilize with a 2 drink minimum for the attending audience. This option is available if the Performer can guarantee attendance of 60+ patrons for shows Sunday through Thursday and Matinees and 70+ patrons for Friday and Saturday evenings.

Rental Booking Option:
$1500 for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
$1800 for Friday and Saturday evenings
$1200 for Matinees
The Theater usually books 2 shows a day so the above rental prices reflect one booking period. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays there are usually only one show booked. When renting the venue no drink minimum is required for guests but bar service can be made available.

Misc. Fees:
Tech Fee for Running Show:
Tech fees for Tech Director who will run both lights and sound is $125 for up to a 90 minute show including up to a 30 minute soundcheck prior to half hour. Over 90 minutes is an additional $50 per hour pro-rated by the half hour.

Tech Rehearsals
Tech Rehearses are $50 an hour with a 2 hour minimum on a day other than show day. There is also a $50 per hour theater rental fee.

Box Office Fee
A Box Office Manager will meet and greet your guests, check them in and provide a box-office report. Our Accountant will process your payment. The BO Manager/Accountant fee is $100* and will be deducted from your box office revenue. (*effective Sept 1, 2023)

Time Slots
We generally book a 7pm and a 9pm or 9:30pm time slot as well as weekend matinees at 2pm. Rental rates are for one of the time slots booked. It is possible to book an entire evening for an additional rental fee.