Stage Dimensions:

20' across and between 9' and 14' deep.
The Triad recently installed a brand new beautiful proscenium, which frames the stage's playing area. Please allow for two feet loss of space on stage right and stage left. We encourage fuller usage of the stage?s depth along with a fully lit extension to compensate for any loss in width.

Dressing Room:

1 dressing room with bathroom (6 person capacity)

Handicapped Access:

Yes, by way of elevator lift. Call in advance if needed.

Sound Equipment:

(All new equipment was installed in January 2014)

14 Xlr Cables 7 Sm58 Mics 1 Sm48 Mic 3 Sm57 Mics 5 Boom Stands 4 Straight Stands 9 Music Stands Multiple Extension Cords 4 Power Strips Multiple 1/4 Inch Cables Drum Set; Kick Drum 2 Rack Toms 1 Snare 2 Cymbal Stands 1 Hi Hat 1 Snare Holder 1 Pedal 1 Drum Rug 2 Yamaha Monitors 1 Fender Deluxe Gtr Amp 1 Swr Bass Amp 1 Yamaha Baby Grand Piano 2 Qsc Speakers 16 Channel Allen & Heath Sound Board

Lighting Equipment:


1 Leprechuan 612, 2 Scene 24 channel Lighting Board


1 Leprecon VX Dimmer Pack, 12 Channels at 2400 Watts per Channel