After decades of showing off in the opera and classical singing world, Regina Zonais ready to begin her exciting SECOND ACT as a Cabaret Artist. 


“Becoming…the Queen: When One Coronation is a Lifetime is Not Enough”is an epic show that showcases every style from opera to broadway to jazz and takes the audience on a journey right through Regina’s life as an opera Diva (specifically the iconic Queen of the Night), her secret desire to be a Fosse dancer, her fulfilling career as a voice teacher and how she is growing older gracefully and fabulously!


Regina’s phenomenal Music Director is Jonathan K. Parks and the show is directed by the incomparable Lina Koutrakos


 “The honesty of this show is a gift.” Shanan, Twin Cities Artist


“Regina Zona turns in splendid performances in all songs. She adapts to the chameleonic character of the songs with seeming ease, never missing a dramatic turn or falling short on a vocal challenge. Indeed, she hits the plentiful high notes with confidence and portrays the characters here with an unerring sense for their emotional state.” Robert Cummings,